Pre-K Tuition

Dallas ISD Pre-K Tuition (2023-2024):

·       Non-refundable Deposit                                                                         $ 100.00

·       Annual Tuition for half-day Pre-K 3                                                        $ 2,500.00

·       Annual Tuition for full-day Pre-K 3 and Pre-K 4                                     $ 5,000.00


Important Information:                                                                                                            

·       Monthly tuition payment is due the 15th of each month, unless otherwise noted.

·       Continue to make payments based on the payment plan you have selected on the Pre-K Contract

·       There is a $100.00 late payment fee for tuition payments received 10 business days after the original due date.

·       Please save your RevTrak payment receipts for your records, including tax purposes.  No additional forms are provided by the district.


Have questions?

·       Speak with your school office manager or financial clerk

·       Call the PreK Enrollment Hotline at 214-932-7735

·       Text “PreK” to 972-687-7735